Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Best Way to Stimulate Growth of Skeletal Muscle is to Eat a High Protein Diet: 10 Tips

The best way to stimulate growth of skeletal muscles is to eat a high protein diet. How true is the statement? When you’re in your adolescent years or prepubescent stage, it is best to supplement with growth stimulating foods. Adolescence or prepubescent years are the highlight of growth. Apart from early childhood years, adolescence is another chance to stimulate your human growth hormones to perk up some growth for you. How? One way is to fortify your diet with growth stimulating food and that is to eat a high protein diet.

The Best Way to Stimulate Growth of Skeletal Muscle is to Eat a High Protein Diet: Tips 1-5

1. What is a protein diet? It is a diet that scores high in protein. There are four key nutrients that the body needs: water, carbohydrates, protein, and fats. It is also subdivided into go foods (perfectly concentrated in carbohydrates), grow foods (in proteins) and glow (mostly in water and fibre).

2. Why is a high protein diet recommended to stimulate growth of the skeletal muscle? Protein has a chemical formula of CHON wherein it contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. In any living being, 20 amino acids are needed by the body to produce and develop fibrous proteins and globular proteins.

3. What are fibrous proteins? This type of protein concentrates on the production and development of collagen, keratin, fibrinogen and muscle proteins. Myosin and actomyosin are the two chief proteins responsible for the development of muscles.

4. What about globular proteins? This concentrates of the production of enzymes, hormones, antibodies and microtubules. Protein is extremely important and responsible for the many processes going on in the body.

5. As mentioned, the body is in need of 20 amino acids to go on with its processes. Some amino acids can be produced in the body. However some are needed to be supplemented in the diet. Thus the person needs a high protein diet to develop muscles and other important processes.

The Best Way to Stimulate Growth of Skeletal Muscle is to Eat a High Protein Diet: Tips 6-10

6. How can protein help stimulate growth of skeletal muscles? There are studies that prove the importance of protein for muscle growth. A condition known as Kwashiorkor, heavily rampant in malnourished African children, is the result of severe protein loss and results in massive muscle wasting.

7. When it comes to RDA, adults need 0.79 grams per kilogram of body weight (or 0.36 per pound). Meanwhile, children and infants need more RDA for infants should be tripled, while doubled for children.

8. How to know if you’re having a high protein diet. Besides from the calculation, your diet must consist of 30% protein.

9. The best high protein breakfast would be peanut butter of wheat bread with canned tuna and hard boild egg on the side. Another plus is milk which is also high in protein.

10. The main organ that stimulates growth is the pituitary gland, the organ that releases HGH or human growth hormone. As mentioned, proteins are also responsible for the production of hormones, thus a high protein diet is definitely needed. Thus, the best way to stimulate growth of skeletal muscle is to eat a high protein diet.