Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Can Dehydration Cause Chest Pain? Top 10 Facts

Yes, dehydration can cause chest pain. The lack of liquid, specifically water can cause some serious problems and you don’t address the problem by increasing your liquid intake, it might cost you your dear life. Dehydration is bad and it can be deadly.

Image Credit: Flickr

To start things off, liquid, especially water has unlimited good effects in our body. Having a sufficient water level in our body helps maintain a good blood circulation and an enough level of oxygen to keep our brain’s functionality. In fact, a well hydrated body can survive days without food. Having a well hydrated body is effective to keep all parts of the body functioning accordingly. And when dehydration starts, it can cause numerous problems including chest pain. In fact, some health experts are saying that chest pain that comes with dehydration can be connected to chronic dehydration. Below are some facts about dehydration and its complications:

1. Chest pain and dehydration are always connected. Why? When your hearts lack the level of oxygen it needed, it will not work well. Oxygen comes from water and if you don’t drink enough water, you will dehydrate and will experience chest pain.

2. The severity of the pain in the chest depends on how dehydrated you are. If you are totally dehydrated, you have a tendency to collapse because the heart is no longer functional due to the very low level of oxygen available.

3. Doctors are claiming that dehydration can be connected to heart attack. Why? Low level of oxygen= low level of blood that can circulate through the blood. Keep in mind that heart attack is very deadly.

4. Dehydration can also lead to a non-functioning brain. In short, you can be considered brain-dead especially if you have a severe heart attack and you have a very dehydrated body.

5.  Dehydration has infinite side effects aside from chronic problems. It can also lead to the development of more serious diseases such as Diabetes.

6.  When you don’t thirst more than often, that’s a sign of dehydration.

7.  When we are thirsty, we only drink only to satisfy the thirst but not to further provide enough liquid to hydrate the entire body.

8.  Dehydration can also lead to cardiovascular diseases.

9.       Some victims of dehydration have the wrongfully belief that other liquids can rehydrate their bodies better than water. This is totally wrong. Water is still the best liquid to rehydrate the body due to its oxygen content.

10.   Dehydration can be prevented. Just drink more water.

Dehydration can cause chest pain and other chronic problems. It can also be prevented. Just make sure your body is well hydrated.